Camp New Horizons

Camp New Horizons and Aurora gives children the confidence to accept who they are and to get the most out of life, being confident that diabetes can’t stop them. They gain confidence by seeing others just like themselves.


Sarah’s son Andy has diabetes – The Sunday night before Andy attended camp New Horizons for the first time, he stood in the kitchen and stated “You are going to MAKE me go, aren’t you?”   He was not happy with me. At 12 yrs old, he had no desire to even meet another diabetic and didn’t like the concept of camp.  Monday afternoon, I returned to camp to pick up a child who had just won the water drinking award, made several friends, and didn’t want to leave!  Since that time, Andy has returned to camp every year as a CIT and then as a counselor.  June, 2011, will be his tenth year at camp New Horizons.  Guiding and encouraging kids at camp has led him to a career of working with special needs kids in home health settings.  His heart is for kids, and he seeks to help them make like “do-able”, just as experiences like New Horizons have done for him.

Come make memories that last a lifetime at Camp New Horizons and Aurora.  There is still space available for campers and volunteers. Contact me for more information.

Sherry D. Hill

Director, Education & Programs

American Diabetes Association

972.392.1181  x6097


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