Dallas Tour de Cure Turns Speedway into Stop Diabetes® Victory Lane

One-hundred degree temperatures didn’t stop 1,000+ Tour de Cure riders from doing their part to Stop Diabetes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area last weekend!

The Tour de Cure staff and volunteers kept the riders cool with extra water, ice, air-conditioned tents and water mister fans. Dallas Tour de Cure riders also got the amazing opportunity to do a lap around the famous track of the Texas Motor Speedway before departing on their route of choice. The event is set to reach and exceed the budget of $300,000. The biggest success story from the Dallas Tour de Cure is the 77 members on the local Team Red. In just a few months this team raised more than $30,000 and made it into the Top 10 of Team Reds from across the country.

“Team Red is the team for Red Riders (people with diabetes) and their families, friends, co-workers and more — everyone is welcome,” explained Nicole Preston, Director, National Campaign Development. “It’s a great opportunity for people to ride together to help Stop Diabetes on every Tour de Cure event nationwide. So far, all of the Team Reds have raised more than $650,000 total.”



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