Join School Walk for Diabetes to make your PE Wish List come true! September Advocacy Issue:  Safe at School

For the parents of the 26,000 children with diabetes in Texas back to school season can be an anxious time. Effective diabetes management at school is essential, and while some schools provide appropriate diabetes care, other students continue to face discrimination.

The American Diabetes Association‘s Safe at School Campaign is dedicated to making sure all children with diabetes are medically safe at school and have the same educational opportunities as their classmates.

In North Texas this message is delivered directly to school nurses, teachers and students by our School Walk for Diabetes staff. Safe at School was also offered to parents at this year’s Camp New Horizons North. The program was very well received and there are plans to include this in additional camps next year.

Find out more: Download the Safe at School Booklet.

Want to ensure your child is Safe at School? Contact Sandy Peters.

Did you know? Studies indicate that 15,000 youth are newly diagnosed with type 1, and 3,600 are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes each year.

Click here: To learn more about diabetes advocacy or to report diabetes-related discrimination,

call 1-800-DIABETES (342-2383).


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