Nordstrom, Inc. Launching Diabetes Awareness Efforts During Hispanic Heritage Month

Nordstrom, Inc., a leading fashion specialty retailer, is a Cause Marketing Sponsor for Hispanic Heritage Month taking place September 15 through October 15, 2011. During Hispanic Heritage Month, Nordstrom will encourage Hispanic Americans to assess their risk of developing diabetes by taking the online risk test and generate additional awareness about diabetes risks and prevention.

For every person who completes the online risk test during the promotional period, the American Diabetes Association will receive $5 from Nordstrom up to a maximum of $75,000. This donation will help support the Association’s Feria de Salud/Por tu Familia program. Nordstrom will involve many of its employees in this effort by conducting Wellness Fairs in markets across the country. The American Diabetes Association will attend these events to provide information about diabetes and to distribute diabetes risk tests.

Nordstrom is using their September catalog, their website and their in-store posters to spread the word about this sponsorship throughout all of its 116 U.S. In addition, they are promoting the American Diabetes Association on Telemundo’s website — providing extensive online reach during Hispanic Heritage Month. Nordstrom has 927,322 fans on Facebook who will be exposed to the joint messages. The Association is also featured in the Community Cares section of, which is ranked in the top 300 websites in the United States.

This marks the American Diabetes Association’s first national alliance with a high-end retailer such as Nordstrom and these community events will provide an excellent opportunity to further engage the public in our movement to Stop Diabetes®.


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