The Chuck Hodges Memorial Pass the Hat Supports ADA through Toyota US OPEN Triathlon T

Saturday, October 1st was a perfect sunny day for raising awareness and supporting the Toyota US OPEN Triathlon at the Hilton in Rockwall Bella Harbor facilities. Everyone was in high spirits for the race the next day

Over five thousands participants trekked into the ballroom of the beautiful Hilton Hotel to register for the next day’s events. Even with so much healthy activity ahead, American Diabetes Association/Chuck Hodges “Pass the Hat” team still had some work to do to spread awareness and education of diabetes.








Throughout the day, the team recruited many triathlon participants to check out the booth and have their blood glucose screened at the Rockwall Presbyterian Health Resources (RPHR) booth. The RPHR booth had friendly registered nurses helping out with blood glucose testing. Both booths were fully loaded with information on diabetes and ways to further the awareness/education of the illness. Participates learned the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and that diabetes is not just an illness that occurs from unhealthy eating habits and lack of activity.

Who is Chuck Hodges?

Charles Edward Hodges, better known as Chuck to family and friends, was a native of Dallas, Texas.  Chuck was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 27 years old. Not fully educated to his new disease, Chuck did not follow all the directions and instructions that he was given to take care of his condition. Twenty three years later, this lack of attention and care of his diabetes began to show up in diabetic related conditions such as heart disease and kidney failure. Chuck fought the battle with open heart surgery and kidney transplant, but the lack of attention to the diabetic condition for those 27 years could not be reversed.

Chuck Hodges Memorial Pass The Hat

The Chuck Hodges Memorial Pass the Hat is a project to honor his memory as well as to help support the American Diabetes Association with the funding of research that results in advances in diabetes treatment and prevention.


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