Diabetes Alert Day Activities!

The ADA of North Texas is planning a multitude of awareness activities this month in honor of Diabetes Alert Day on March 27. Here is where you can pick up a risk test, make a donation, sign up to volunteer, or enroll in one of our programs.

Sound the Alarm to Stop Diabetes!

FC Dallas Season Opener                                              March 11th

Por Tu Familia Training                                               March 10th

Check Up America at Mavericks Game                 March 17th, 21st and 27th  


Festival de los Mavs                                                        March 31

As part of our continued mission to heighten awareness of the devastating impact of diabetes, we partnered with AMS Pictures Public Interest to produce a series of powerful public service announcements, produced in both English and Spanish, to illustrate the shocking number of Texans who succumb to diabetes every year. Diabetes is the nation’s fifth-leading cause of death, and affects 1 in 10. Part of raising awareness is changing the public perception that diabetes is not a serious and life-threatening disease. That’s why we joined forces with AMS Pictures Public Interest, a team that specializes in creating powerful tools that inform, educate and motivate.

View a new video written and produced by AMS Pictures geared especially for the Dallas/Fort Worth area


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