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Prevent Cure Manage Diabetes

As part of our continued mission to heighten awareness of the devastating impact of diabetes, the American Diabetes Association of North texas partnered with AMS Pictures Public Interest to produce a series of powerful public service announcements, produced in both English and Spanish, to illustrate the shocking number of Texans who succumb to diabetes every year. Diabetes is the nation’s fifth-leading cause of death, and affects 1 in 10. Part of raising awareness is changing the public perception that diabetes is not a serious and life-threatening disease. That’s why we joined forces with AMS Pictures Public Interest, a team that specializes in creating powerful tools that inform, educate and motivate.

AMS Pictures Public Interest is a Texas-based communications and creative media company that focuses on partnering with nonprofits, government agencies and civic-minded corporations to create media outreach tools that engage audiences and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Our team is passionate about building a better society for all by developing media that matters. For more information about AMS and its influential work, visit, friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @AMSPicturesPI.


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