It’s Amazing What One Child Can Do!

Abby came home last Friday and asked her mom to give her $500 for a digital video camera.  (one of the prizes students get for raising money for their SchoolWalk for Diabetes) Her mom just laughed and replied with a definite “NO”.  Then she inquired about the request.  ABBY recounted the stories she had heard that day from the School Walk for Diabetes KICK OFF at Rucker Elementary in Prosper, TX.  She was horrified at the disease.  Abby said she needed money to help STOP DIABETES.  She started throwing out ideas on how to ‘get’ money.  She decided that Sunday would be the perfect day for her lemonade stand.  Her mom kept telling her, “ Let’s do it another day.  It’s going to be “too hot, too windy, and too much trouble”.

Friday night, ABBY continued to chatter about the lemonade stand.  Her enthusiasm enthralled Allie, her sister.  The spirit of the project grew.  Allie said,” I’ve never seen ABBY so excited about anything and want something so badly.”   As the night progressed, Abby wrote a list of what she needed and made some posters.

After softball on Saturday, she presented the list to her dad and asked him to take her to get the supplies.  He called his wife and said, “Let’s do it another day …it’s too hot,  too windy, and too much trouble.”  She told him to go ahead and  get the supplies just in case.

That night, ABBY called her friend, Ashlyn, and invited her to come help on Sunday.   Strong-willed, Allie and Abby proceeded to make cookies and  gallons of lemonade.

On Sunday, Abby was up and energized.  This was the day she was waiting for!  She and Allie began setting things up   Her parents continued to discourage her.  Abby continued  messing with the ice buckets.  The kitchen  floor was a sticky mess and jugs of lemonade were everywhere.  Outside, the wind was whaling.  She just ignored it all .   She was preparing for HER mission moment.

Isn’t it amazing what ONE child can do . . . $70 in a few hours for a 7 year old.  What a lesson for us all!  , “Let’s do it another day . . . it’s too hot, too windy, and too much trouble.” J  With more people like ABBY, we can STOP DIABETES TODAY….not wait on ANOTHER DAY!  And come to find out,  it wasn’t ANY trouble after all!


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