Connecting the Dots for Coordinated School Health Symposium

ADA Key Volunteer, Karen Zahaluk, acts as project manager for the Symposium.

On July 25th, The North Texas Chapter of American Diabetes Association, along with Texas Education Agency’s Region 10 ESC and Green Oaks Hospital, hosted the first annual “Connecting the Dots for Coordinated School Health Symposium”.   Coordinated School Health is an effective system designed by the Center of Disease Control to connect health (physical, emotional, and social) with education.  The coordinated approach improves students’ health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities, and schools working together.  The symposium provided valuable information to over 200 school health community leaders including health/PE teachers, nutrition services personnel, administrators, school nurses, and parents.

The objectives of the symposium were to :

  • To assess the links between the diseases of obesity in school age children
  • To identify the positive lessons learned that makes a difference in student’s disease prevention
  • To identify the challenges facing the delegation of the diabetes care component to the unlicensed diabetes care assistants.
  • To identify challenges for individuals struggling with managing mental illness and diabetes.
  • To identify the critical components to engage families regarding the health of their school-age children.
  • To identify appropriate outreach to diverse families with diabetes and prevention of obesity that promotes the students success.
  • To identify the orthopedic issues stemming from obesity
  • To identify effectiveness of the use of mobile communications strategies for improved patient outcomes
  • To identify crisis interventions versus appropriate choices with obesity in school age children

The program was a part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas’s  Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Initiative collaboration with American Diabetes Association.

Catherine Vowell, The Cooper Institute school health director and Karen Burnell, Dallas ISD Coordinated School Health consultant take time to discuss the topics of the day.

Dr. Eduardo Sanchez and Barbara Johnson, Dallas ISD PE/Health Administrator

Attendees listen attentively to Dr. JD Kennedy, Superintendent McKinney Independent School District on how his school district is getting healthy.


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