Join the Next Young Active Diabetic Adults Meeting

We are glad to invite you to the monthly meeting of Young Active Diabetic Adults. The next meeting will be taking place on:

Thursday, October 11th @ 6.30 pm

at the Copper Tree Medical Building

1302 Lane Street, Irving, TX 75061

2nd Floor, Room C (entrance is on the left side of the building)

YADA is looking to address all “biopsychosocial” aspects of type 1 diabetes on the lives of young adults. At this meeting, we will address three main topics:

  • Bio:  The insulin activity curve, the most important thing that no one has taught you – Led by Dr. Clark.
  • Psycho:  “Maintaining Your Cool,” a discussion about the overwhelming nature of diabetes – Led by Kelley Akins.
  • Social:  “Holding Your Liquor,” a group discussion about alcohol, diabetes and social life.

The entire purpose of YADA is to spark a discussion and let the group decide on the content of the meetings. These meetings can be whatever you would like them to be. Feel free to pass this around to others with type 1 diabetes you may know and we look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Clark, MD at 214-648-3621



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