Volunteer Today!

Whether you want to volunteer alone, with family, or coworkers, the ADA is a great place to give your precious time. Call 1-888-DIABETES ext. 6101 and schedule your volunteer day. Or Sign up at www.diabetes.org/volunteer. Help stuff envelopes, mail packets, or attend a health fair on ADA’s behalf, – it’s event season and we are always in need of extra hands. Groups of no more than 15 people at a time on one day, please. Thank you!


Have you ever thought about hosting your own fundraising event to support the ADA?

Here are some great ideas on how to get your friends or coworkers involved…

– Host a chili cook-off or bake sale at your home or office

– Have a neighborhood garage or yard sale with proceeds going to benefit ADA

– Host a car wash

– Organize a pub crawl with a Raise Money for Diabetes Theme

– Schedule a Day of Service at the ADA office!

It’s event season so we are always in need of some extra hands. Please call Andrea at 1-888-DIABETES ext. 6101 to see how you can help!

ADANT Donna Bauder at health fair





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