Dallas County Community College District and ADA Partner Up!


Service Learning combines academic instruction with active community service, utilizing critical, reflective thinking to examine the world and civic responsibilities. It is not volunteering. It is a mutually beneficial partnership, allowing students to apply what you learned in the classroom to the real world while:

  • Developing new skills
  • Improving critical thinking
  • Exploring career possibilities
  • Making a difference by meeting community needs and


The DCCCD Service Learning program offers student an opportunity to serve at the American Diabetes Association programs and events.  So if you are a student at a DCCCD college, join the DCCCD commitment to serving the community, and to learning through service.   To participate, complete the enrollment process for your specific college or as directed by your instructor or college coordinator.  http://www.dcccd.edu/SS/StudentLife/SL/Pages/HowToEnroll.aspx.  For more information contact Sherry D. Hill, Director of Education  |  shill@diabetes.org  |  972.392.1181 x6097


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