Volunteers and Board Meet Local ADA-Funded Researchers

Volunteers, staff and board members recently observed their donations at work when they toured an ADA-funded research labs at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.


The ADA funds about 10 researchers at the University with total of $2.6 million over 4 years.


Dr. Phillip Scherer led the tour along with some of the other researchers at the facility.


Olga Gupta, a pediatric endocrinologist at UTSW, is working on a behavioral study using live fish and children who have diabetes. The idea is that children who have diabetes, need to learn to monitor their blood sugar and then act accordingly with their intake of insulin. The study will show if having a pet fish will help with the control of their own disease.

“We have so many kids not taking care of their diabetes,” said Gupta. “The goal is to track them over a year.”

Other research involved studying insulin resistance vs. insulin sensitivity in obese patients.

The ADA has been funding research since 1952. Over the life of  the program, nearly $640 million was dedicated to research and more than 450 ADA-sponsored projects were ongoing nationwide at 130 leading research institutions.


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