Get New Diabetes-Friendly Recipes and Meal Plans Every Month

Announcing Recipes for Healthy Living, brought to you by the American Diabetes Association

Diet plan, eating plan, meal plan… whatever you call it, choosing what to eat is an important part of your day, especially if you are managing diabetes. Recipes for Healthy Living is a FREE resource from the American Diabetes Association, created to make eating healthy easier for you.

Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter below and you’ll have access to healthy recipes (including some gluten free recipes), one-day meal plans, cooking videos and other healthy eating tips. There’s absolutely no cost to you when you sign up, but so many benefits!

You’ll find great seasonal recipes like the yummy, diabetes and budget-friendly Cilantro Lime Roasted Chicken pictured at right (see the full recipe below).

Our meal plans and recipes are not only diabetes-friendly, but they are also healthy and delicious enough that the whole family will appreciate them. Sign up below for your free access to Recipes for Healthy Living.


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