Fending Off the Holiday “Food Police”

How to avoid family food fights started by people who mean well (maybe you)

“Should you be eating that?” Those words, even said with the best of intentions, can strike fear and panic in plenty of hearts. And somehow, the question seems even more judgmental during the holidays, when we’re around large meals, extra treats, and family.

Concerned friends and family, often acting out of a real desire to help, can fall into the trap of food shaming, or food policing: the act of commenting on someone else’s plate. Caregivers want to help their loved ones with diabetes live their healthiest, best lives, and sometimes can’t stop themselves from asking if certain foods or portion sizes are OK. There have been times that Diabetes Forecast reader panelist Claudia Pollet, who lives with type 1 diabetes, has found herself asking similar questions. “I say it from a caring, loving stance without being preachy, nagging, and so on,” she says. “I aspire to [live by] the motto that saying something like this once is caring and twice is controlling.” Click here to read more from Lindsey Wahowiak’s article on Diabetes Forecast. 


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