Recognizing Dr. Unger’s Outstanding Contributions to Diabetes Research

Prestigious Swedish Medical University Honors UTSW Professor

EDUCATION 03/18/2014by Matt Goodman Share Post

A UT Southwestern Medical Center professor who discovered a pancreatic hormone that spikes blood sugar levels has received a prestigious award from the Swedish medical university that houses the Nobel Assembly.

Dr. Roger Unger, a professor of internal medicine, won the 2014 Rolf Luft Award, which is given each year by the Swedish Karolinska Intitutet. Unger found that the hormone glucagon has the opposite effect of insulin, increasing blood sugar levels.

“This award recognizes Dr. Unger’s outstanding contributions to diabetes research over decades,” said Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern, in a statement. “He was not only at the forefront of the identification of glucagon as a key hormone that balances insulin regulation of blood sugar, but almost singlehandedly rekindled the current widespread interest in the physiology of glucagon by establishing the hormone as a major drug target.”

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