Encouraging a More Bike Friendly City

More than 50 cyclists joined with five members of the Dallas City Council on a bike ride from the Main Street Garden to Dallas City Hall on October 22nd at 8 AM to highlight the city’s commitment to continuing construction of bike paths and bike lanes throughout the city.

Plans call for more than 1,000 miles of lanes and baths for bikes, with about 35 miles of that currently under construction.  Cyclists came from all over Dallas to participate and show the policy makers why more infrastructure, enforcement, programs and laws need to be implemented to help make bicycles a part of the transportation system in Dallas.

The Council people who rode were: Dwaine Caraway, Jennifer Staubach Gates, Philip Kingston, Lee Kleinman and Adam Medrano.  Councilman Scott Griggs met up at City Hall. City of Dallas Bicycle Coordinator staff Jared White and Ashley Haire were also in attendance.

Bike Ride Front

Representing Tour de Cure:  Jim Cadorette, Tour Chairman /Beverly Kohrs, Tour Manager / Monique Hoppe, Tour Participant

Bike Ride Back


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