Staying on Track During the Holidays!

The arrival of the holidays brings special challenges for people with diabetes because so many celebrations are centered around food. When enjoying time with friends and family, the last thing you or your child want to do is worry about blood glucose spikes. Planning ahead is the best step you can take to make this season joyous instead of stressful. Here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Work with your child to map out a plan to stay on track during the holidays. If Grandma’s chocolate-covered cherries are your child’s favorite, include one or two in the meal plan and make a deal to pass on other sweet treats.
  • For pot lucks or parties where everyone brings something, volunteer to bring a healthy appetizer or side dish so you and your child will know what’s in it and how much insulin will be needed.
  • Instead of sweet treats in advent calendars and holiday stockings, include small toys or a slip of paper with an act of kindness to do each day.
  • Plan to include exercise in your holiday celebrations. Enjoy a game of soccer or jump rope after a meal or go out for a family walk. Tell guests ahead of time so everyone can bring their walking shoes.
  • Take some of the focus off of the food and create new family traditions involving games, crafts, sharing, and fun outings.
  • Keep calm and test blood glucose often.

Read more tips on holiday planning.

Read the Diabetes Forecast article for ways people with diabetes cope with food and the holidays.


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