Board Member Highlight: Meet Our 2015 Chairman of the North Texas Leadership Board

Board Highlight

The American Diabetes Association is proud to announce the new 2015 Chairman of the North Texas Leadership Board, Leonor Marquez.

Marquez is the CEO of Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic and has been volunteering with ADA North Texas for the past four years. We had a chance to speak with her about her new position and her volunteer experience.


Why did you decide to volunteer for the ADA?

It’s such a great cause and it impacts all of us as a community.  Diabetes is everywhere. I’m passionate about the cause. I’m very excited to be part of this organization.  The staff is great and our outreach is incredible.


Do you have family members with diabetes?

I do have family member with diabetes. In my family, it’s my 70-year-old aunt and my 76-yea- old uncle.


What would you like to see happen this year at the helm of the board?

More people have to hear our message about awareness, prevention and management, especially the communities of color.


Which ADA event do you like most?

Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes because walking is something most of us can do. It’s fun and festive and it builds team work. We have about 40 or 50 walkers from work. It encourages you and your family members to get out and walk. There are training days at work, which builds camaraderie.


Where are you from?

I was born in El Paso, Texas, but grew up in Tempe, Arizona.  I moved to Dallas in 2002 after I  got my MBA and found a job at Parkland. I took the position at Los Barrios in 2005.


What do you think is the biggest challenge concerning diabetes?

The biggest challenge is that we Americans have become sedentary and have developed a tolerance for fast food.  That’s a terrible combination. It’s a double whammy.


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