ADA North Texas Board Highlight


Dr. Noel Santini

President, American Diabetes Association

North Texas Leadership Board


Dr. Noel Santini began volunteering with the ADA two years ago and is the Medical Director and Chief of Adult Medicine and Geriatrics at Parkland Health and Hospital Systems. Currently he serves as President of the ADA NorthTexas Leadership Board. Dr. Santini lives in Dallas with his partner and two-year-old daughter.


We had a chance to talk with Dr. Santini earlier this week about his role with the ADA.


What do you like most about volunteering?  I’ve always had a passion for diabetes. In primary care and in my division, diabetes is the top diagnosis along with hypertension.  I’ve been very involved with diabetes education since I started working as a resident. I did outreach with health fairs. The next step was with working with diabetes coordinator involved with ADA’s recognized program. I think it’s the work that’s being done for the community with patients, the education. And the different resources the ADA has available for patients to self manage their diabetes.


Where are you from?  San Juan, Puerto Rico


Do you have diabetes in your family? No, there isn’t any diabetes in my family, but in many of our patients.  I see a large number of Hispanics who have no place, no resource, and have language barrier, and socio economic obstacles. They identify with me because I can identify with their culture and language. I have a relationship with them. Knowing that this medical condition you can control the comorbidity and complications, so working with patients and involving them in their care of diabetes means a lot to me.


What kinds of trends would you like to see with diabetes?

I would like to see the trend going down in the nation. My biggest concern right now is adolescents coming down with diabetes. Do more education on physical activity and losing weight. I think the most important thing is to prevent diabetes from happening. Work on the interventions to make a change and prevent diabetes.


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