A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion

Don’t fight the force. Accept the challenge!

Methodist Health System is offering a unique opportunity to wellness leaders in our community and their employees to increase their activity, as well as build and reinforce healthy habits. We know that staying physically active is a big part of health, and by bringing innovative and fun ways to do so supports our mission to improve and save lives.

Join us July 30, August 3, or August 6 for a Webinar to learn more about A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion, a FREE 6-week challenge in which corporate teams will race by steps and daily activities from planet to planet as the Aliens chase close behind.

You may have tried a corporate pedometer program before, but you’ve never tried anything like this! A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion is an interactive game played through your smart phone or computer that gives employees a fun theme throughout the activity-based challenge. Attached are details about how you can save the human race.

Spaces are limited, so sign up today!Alien_Image_123RF_15743664
Company Reservations are due by August 12
Participant Registration opens August 17, 2015
Challenge begins September 14, 2015

Join A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion to save the human race. Register for the introductory webinar here.


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