Tour de Cure Support


Having the support of a dedicated peer group can make a huge difference when you’re struggling with a disease like diabetes. That’s what the DFW Diabetes & Exercise Alliance (DFWD&E) is all about; providing support to other people with diabetes who want to become or stay active. We asked one of DFWD&E’s members, Don Muchow, to tell us more about the group.

“DFWD&E was created about 10 years ago by some physically active folks with diabetes who were looking for others like themselves. We have cyclists, runners, swimmers, weightlifters, rollerbladers, crossfitters, soccer players, you name it.

What makes us different is that we’re not trying to find a cure — after all, that’s what organizations like American Diabetes Association are for. We’re not trying to educate diabetic kids — that’s what diabetes camps are for. We’re here exclusively as a place for active folks with diabetes to trade tips and tricks for working exercise into our diabetes management.

We have only 4 rules:

1) You have to have already made a commitment to a physically active lifestyle as part of diabetes management. That can be anything from walking the dog to gardening to doing Ironman triathlons. It doesn’t matter.

2) We trade diabetes management tips and tricks, not complaints. If you just want to vent about your endocrinologist, take it somewhere else. We’ve heard it all before.

3) If you want to start a chapter, don’t ask first, just do it! Logos, name, and help setting it up are free or donated. Just keep it all volunteer and not for profit. Other than that, it’s yours to set up to meet the needs of your own local diabetic athletes.

4) Don’t collect money if you don’t intend to spend it immediately on something to support the cause. We don’t want people’s money; we want their commitment to exercise.

The group has some folks in it who have done amazing stuff despite having diabetes, but we’re all human. We have our good days and our bad days, frustrations, and do our little happy dances when things work out right. Just because you’re new to the group, don’t assume you know nothing or shouldn’t speak up. You never know whom you may be inspiring!”

Thank you Don, and thanks to everyone with the DFWD&E for creating a welcoming and supportive network for people with diabetes.

Check them out:

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