National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day is May 4th!

Get Up and Move!

Thank you for your interest in National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day!

On Wednesday, May 4, The American Diabetes Association host National Get Fit Don’t Sit DaySM. And we want you to join in the fun!

You may have always known that exercise is good for you, but it’s likely you didn’t know until recently that too much sitting is actually harmful for your health. That’s why the Association recommends that everyone, including people with diabetes, limit the amount of time they spend sitting. In fact, we advise getting up and moving at least every 90 minutes.

Here at the American Diabetes Association, we value your health and want to empower you with the resources you need to get moving—today and every day.

For HR Personnel and Business Groups: Sign up for our Get Fit Don’t Sit Toolkit. Here you’ll find many creative ideas for your employees including resources and day of event activation.

For Corporate Communications: Share photos and videos of your organization in action!

  • Hashtag #GetFitDontSit, #GetFitNorthTexas
  • You can use the picture embedded in this email as a logo
  • Tag us here:


For Churches, Parent’s Associations and Schools:

  • Have an organized walk, led by your executive health champion.
  • Have a walking scavenger hunt around your building or campus.
  • Have a Hula Hoop®-a-thon, plank- or squat-off, stair-climbing challenge or some other type of contest.
  • Create awareness of risks for prediabetes by watching sharing these PSAs:
  • Share pics and videos using the information above!


There is one week left! For more information visit: or Don’t hesitate to let us know you are up and about every 30 minutes.

I’m wearing my walking shoes….ARE YOU?

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